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See what our happy customers are saying about their iCash experience. If you were to take the cost to borrow including all the fees and express them as an annual percentage rate, the minimum APR for the extended credit is 120% and the maximum APR is 275%. If your bank account is in good standing, you may be eligible for a small, personal loan or overdraft. Contact your current bank to discuss your eligibility.


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Forbes Advisor Canada does not recommend cash advances as a means of accessing fast cash. Instead, considering using alternatives like overdraft from your bank account or a line of credit. Canadian legal citizens can now apply for Payday Loans Online. With you can qualify for up to $1,000+ easily Same day payday loan in canada. Our instant payday loans are available to all residents in canada online with all types of credit. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, you can still apply for a loan and receive the cash you need quickly and easily.

Get instant pre-approval for your loan and official approval on the same day. If you’re happy with the terms of your personal loan, sign and submit your contract. You’ll get your money via e-Transfer or direct deposit. Understand your payment schedule and how much the loan will cost you overall. Some loans will require you to consent to a credit check. A hard credit check can affect your credit score so should be done sparingly. Based on the latest information available from the Bank of Canada, the average personal loan interest rate in Canada is 9.39%.

If you don’t want to go out, you can quickly and easily do business from your home or desk. Come into one of our stores if you want to see our happy faces. To start the loan funding process if you are PreQualified, e-sign your loan documents.

Therefore, quick and convenient non-bank loans become a valuable support. Thus, payday loans often lead to repeat loans—at very high interest rates. We offer a way to help you during difficult times. However, the interest rate is higher than the rate of local banks. These loans should only be taken out when you do not have other options for financial assistance, and you should be used as seldom as possible. If contracted in knowingly, this loan can prove to be the right solution for you. However, the fact of getting together a large number of short-term loans could lead to serious financial problems and debt impossible to bear.

They’re designed to be short-term solutions to your financial problems. When you apply for a loan, the lender asks you how frequently you’re paid to determine your final repayment due date. When looking from this perspective, there are a number of factors that you need to pay attention to when browsing online quick loans. This is important both when you need $100 and when it comes to the highest possible amounts.

“Payday loan borrowers in line for share of $10M class action | The Star”. Quebec has chosen to limit the effective annual interest on all loans to 35%, effectively banning the industry from the province. In February 2013 the province is attempting to revoke the licence of Edmonton-based Cash Store to operate in the province due to violations of the Act. There’s sure to be one to suit your current installment loan needs. No documents are needed if you use online banking. Updating your home can be one of the best ways to grow the value of your investment.

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Our interest rate is comparable to all other financial institutions offering payday loans and is regulated by the provincial government. A cash advance is taken against the available credit on your credit card, while a payday loan is offered by an individual lending institution.